ACS Communications has over 70 years of expertise providing communications and information technology solutions to commercial and government clients.


Whether a copper, fiber-optic or wireless solution is needed, ACS is capable of designing and building a network that meets the demands of your application.

Our team of experienced and professional telecommunications technicians are capable of installing cable and structured wiring to include analyzing, engineering, implementing and maintaining new and existing communications systems.

Who we are


ACS Communication believes and/or recognizes that violence on earth is due to a lack of self worth, love and support. ACS has taken a stake in the market and will begin to partner with youth groups to make a difference; 1 person, 1 city, 1 state and 1 country at a time; we are looking for other corporate partners to champion with us.

Our CEO has over 15 years of providing volunteer work in the prisons and working other groups to make this place we call earth a safer place. We are vexed with talk and are called to action.

Helping Others

ACS Communications has taken a stand to reach out, help/provide guidance to someone out of thier circumstance. How about you?