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End to End Testing



ACS Testing was conceived to solve the often-overlooked end user testing and deployment of hardware, software and applications in a fully integrated environment. We are a group of highly skilled QA engineers with expertise across multiple telecommunication disciplines of IT, IP, IPTV, STB, Broadband, VOIP, Mobile, Networking, and Data Center etc.


In today's fast moving applications and software deployment environment, the testing of these solutions often rest in the hands of the developer and/or supplier. What our experience has shown us in the majority of examples that we have experienced, is that the supplier or developer will complete modular or compartmentalized testing but not true End to End testing from the end user perspective. This ultimately leads to multiple cycles of code that are both inconvenient and frustrating to the intended customers, the end user. This cycle can often continue for many months until a useable platform is stable enough for everyday use with minimal issues.


The following brief descriptions will give you an outline of what we do, where we do it and how we communicate the results to you as testing is initiated, continues or concludes.


Requirements review. This means we will evaluate your requirements for completeness and the development of test cases to ensure that each of the applicable requirements are fully tested. If there are missing or duplicate requirements, we will communicate that early, before testing begins in an effort to expedite the test cycle and prevent needless duplication of effort. If there are few or no requirements we will assist you in establishing this important set of criteria


Device review. During this process, we will review each of the devices that are desired and or called out in the requirements. We look for cross device compatibility such as, operating system restrictions, screen resolution incompatibilities etc. Our teams have extensive experience with several vendors of smart phones, tablets and PC/MAC solutions.

Apple IOS - phones, tablets and pods.

Android OS - such as Microsoft Surface, Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus, and Amazon Fire tablets as well and many smart phones models.

PC/MAC – using the latest OS and multiple browsers such as Safari, IE, Firefox etc.


 Test case development. This is the activity of developing and documenting in a central repository, repeatable test cases based on requirements and user scenarios. This will include error messages, along with authentication and authorization as applicable. During the test case development process we will collaboratively develop a test plan with you that will have projected timelines for each stage of completion.


Environment Validation. This is the process of identifying the targeted test environment and verifying its usability or inefficiencies in an effort to eliminate as many false negatives and false positives as possible due to environmental constraints. False indicators are costly time consuming elements that if not controlled will needlessly extend timelines and expand budgets.


We can test in your labs or production environment (with strict controls) using restricted logins.

We can test in your vendors test environment (configuration change control must be implemented).

We can build a simulated environment and host it in our domain (this level of testing has a limited scope). 



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