The ACS Landscaping team offer a full array of commercial and residential landscaping services; when your landscaping team show up at your place of business or home, you can be at ease, all of our field technicians are professionally uniformed & badged, we conduct a full background check on all of our technicians and field support staff.


Commercial Builder Services


Work Force Initiative

Landscaping & Construction


The first impression is an unforgettable image to the consumer. Being an experienced commercial landscape contractor, our goal is to assist you in every aspect of meeting and exceeding your goals in all commercial areas, and projecting that important image.

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Commercial/Residential Landscaping


Our Builder Services team takes pride in being able to provide products of distinction that are consistent with the concepts and themes of today’s ever-changing communities. The knowledgeable staff at ACS has the unique ability to transform concepts and ideas into functional planting applications. We deliver what is needed to reflect the lifestyle requirements of the community therefore capturing all of the development and marketing opportunities that are at hand. Landowners, builders, homeowners and regulatory agencies all demand more and want assurances that the new higher quality community meets those standards and more. ACS’s Land Development Department stays on the cutting edge to do just that.

Single-family house sod and plant installation
Townhouse sod and plant installation
Condo building sod and plant installation
Grading, both rough and fine
Tot lot equipment, including playground equipment and site furniture
Common area planting
Storm water management ponds (SWMP)
Installation & Fence Repair
Retaining walls – Timber/Modular Block
Model design, installation, and maintenance
Drainage Work
Seasonal enhancements


Just an example of our lawn-care work, we proud ourselves on quality work.... Let us make your lawn become ours.....


This team have been created & committed to assist our today’s youth for prosperity in tomorrow   


Serving NC, coming soon to DMV


This yard was cut in Greenville, NC

As part of developing our youths/unskilled labor, ACS has created a team to develop our youths of today; we will be focused on the following area(s)


  • Work Force Readiness, the leaders of this team will focus on Core Job Skills (arriving to work on-time, Follow through on any commitments, Quality in the Work Place, Team Work & effective communication skills

  • Goal setting and preparing for a career


With our work force drying up in todays market, ACS believe this team will help bring in un-skilled labor, give basic job readiness skills and prepare them for future growth goals. ACS, sharpening today's youth into tomorrow’s business leaders


It is ACS Communications deserve to train & develop the youth/un-skilled labor of today and move onto high-end technical jobs and long term career paths, we believe this is our opportunity to meet the youths/unskilled labor where they are and assist them with development. Do you care to join us in the cause....