Fleet GPS & Logistics Tracking

Our Goal, Save Revenue, Produce Productive Companies & People

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Motorcycle GPS

Tools to Manage Your Workers and Your Business - Better!


Job Dispatch - Keep Workers Engage

The Dispatch tools extend the power to your workers’ smartphones. Dispatch jobs directly to your workers and track the progress of each job in real time.


Driver Messaging - Stop Searching

It gives you integrated messaging between you and all your drivers. Send broadcast messages or send messages to groups or individual drivers.


Time Tracking. Time Worked = Time Paid

The GPS tool gives you built-in time reporting that lets you report time matched to GPS tracking data. Supplement or replace your existing timecard solution to ensure that ime worked matches time paid.























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Stop Guessing - Start Managing


Dispatch Work Orders to Mobile Apps


Driver-level Tracking & Reporting


Driver Messaging


Time Tracking & Reporting


Sensor/PTO Reporting


Turn-by-Turn Directions


Fuel-Card Integration



Linxup Asset Trackers - Track Anything

Asset Trackers are small, affordable devices for tracking valuable pieces of your business. Each device is small enough to use on a variety of equipment, but durable enough to withstand rough mobile conditions.


Why Asset Trackers?

  • Stop wondering where your assets are

  • Stop worrying about unauthorized use

  • Make billing and tracking easy and accurate

  • Schedule and track your maintenance easily

Driver-ID and Reporting

Fuel Card Integration - Save on Fuel

Want to integrate your fuel card data with your data? Through our partnership with Comdata, you can verify fuel reporting and better manage fuel usage and expense.


Sensor/PTO Usage Tracking

Advanced features allows you to report on the power activity for any type of digital input on your vehicles such as Power Take Off (PTO), tow arms, lift gates, pumps and more.


Turn-By-Turn Directions

When you send jobs to your drivers, they can quickly leverage turn-by-turn directions. No more guessing how to get from Point A toPoint B. LinxupPlus does the work for them.


Advanced Reporting

With LinxupPlus, you gain advanced reporting options for the features Including Sensor/PTO Usage, Dispatch History and more. 

Go Beyond Tracking

Improve Worker Productivity


What’s the value of one extra job a day? Using Dispatch and Messaging, keep workers engaged and on task.


Stop Paying for Time Not Worked

Now you can match on-the-clock time with time spent on the job. Gain an extra degree of confidence that payroll is accrue-rate and that no one is gaming the system.


Save on Fuel Expense

Add a Fuel Card solution and gain greater control over fuel usage and expense. Identify abuses, flag suspicious activity and save.


Keep it Simple

As always, you can be up and running in just minutes. It’s our goal to make our system so easy that clients rarely need our free unlimited training and support.