State Fuel-Tax Reporting

Automated IFTA Reporting for the DOT

Automate Fuel-Tax Reporting

Do you need to provide IFTA reporting to the Department of Transportation?

For an additional $11.99 per month, ACS’s IFTA add-on automatically collects mileage data by integrating seamlessly with your ACS GPS tracking device. ACS’s IFTA add-on enables you to:

  • Easily complete a variety of reports, including Fuel & Mile Tax Summaries,

  • Calculate fuel-tax information for individual vehicles or for your entire fleet

  • View actual fuel gallons used, tax rates for individual states, and the amount of fuel tax due

ACS’s IFTA add-on is approved by all US state Departments of Transportation.

Generate IFTA Reports in Seconds

The ACS IFTA add-on module gives you integrated tools that:

  • Break your fuel-tax reporting down state-by-state

  • Display fuel-tax reporting data in miles or kilometers

  • Report on toll versus non-toll miles

  • Generate reports in HTML format or export to Excel

Alerts for Key Fleet Activity

Be alerted in real-time for key driving events including:

  • Safe driving habits: speeding, harsh braking and rapid acceleration

  • Device tampering and no GPS signal

  • Geofence alerts when drivers enter or exit

  • First ignition of the day

  • Excessive idling which reduces fuel efficiency

  • Unauthorized vehicle usage outside hours you establish