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Our Mission

A full service technical business partner for corporations, providing engineering, testing, installation, maintenance, technical, wireless and construction services for the broadband/telecommunication industry.


Through our staff, employees and contractors, we drive excellence by providing measurable end results prior to starting the project, we are committed to the growth of our customers and employees through mutual growth goals and direction.


We drive our performance through technical scorecards and measurements, by keeping our touch-tones (Safety, Integrity and Reliability) as a driving force.


Wireless Engineering
Aerial Construction
GPS Business Solutions
GPS Bugs
Phone System
Network Management
Configuration Testing & Design
GPS Integration
Our Leadership

Team ACS - DC
A message of hope

All ACS staff goes through a yearly background check to ensure our customers are receiving crime free personnel on their job-site.

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Our Services


ACS provides technical broadband support services to an industry through our commitment in an ever-changing environment. Our highly trained staff are committed to driving a positive change..

Come on in....

Broadband/Cable Techs needed

We are looking to hire Broadband/Cable Techs in the following areas, GA, DMV, NC,  & TX

Contact Us


   (470) 443-9000  phone

(866) 615-2673  fax 


2295 Skelton Road

Gainesville, GA 30281


Washington DC

PO Box 6435

Capitol Heights, MD 20791



Service areas

Atlanta, GA

Birmingham, AL

Dallas, TX

Chicago, IL

Detroit, MI

New Orleans, LA

New York, NY

Philadelphia, PA

Washington, DC

Technician Page

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More technical data being added


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